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Monday, March 23, 2009 | 4:57 am

Depression. This is more common after this operation than any other surgery. The reasons behind this may be related to a variety of factors, and psychiatrists and gynaecologists have theorised about it. Some factors which may be involved include expectations of surgery, particularly if the operation is being performed for a chronic problem, fears, anxiety, what losing a uterus means to the woman, whether the ovaries were removed, personality types, past history of depression, sexual problems before or after hysterectomy, and probably many more. It seems that careful explanation and discussion before deciding on hysterectomy tends to lessen the risk of depression following the operation. As women are becoming more vocal and assertive about their health care, and as more options become available, it may be that we see less problems of this kind associated with hysterectomy.

Sexual problems. These may or may not be directly linked with the physical and psychological complications but it is not easy to separate sex, psychological factors and physical factors. It is like a whole pile of chickens and eggs.

Sexual difficulties need to be addressed from both the physical and emotional sides, and specific treatment can be aimed at the factors likely to be contributing. Again, addressing these concerns before having a hysterectomy seems useful in preventing a disappointing outcome.


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