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The Pap smear is recommended as a yearly screen for all women over the age of eighteen, or earlier if a woman becomes sexually active at a younger age. Even if a woman has delayed having a Pap smear for several years, she should have this very important health screen as soon as possible, because it can detect precancerous changes early, so that treatment can be initiated that will prevent or cure cancer. For women who have a history of external warts (or women who have partners with a history of external warts) and a normal Pap smear, the recommended schedule for Pap smears is no different than for any sexually active woman, because most sexually active women have the warts virus even if they have never had symptoms.

In menstruating women, the best time for a Pap smear is between one and two weeks after a menstrual period. Results are not as reliable if the test is performed during menstruation. For best results, a woman should not have intercourse and should not use intravaginal creams within two days of having the test.

A woman who has had a hysterectomy that involved the removal of the cervix for a reason other than cervical or uterine cancer does not need to get yearly Pap smears. If her ovaries were not removed, then a yearly examination to determine the size of the ovaries is still recommended.


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