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How does vasectomy work? There are two vas tubes, and they each connect to one of the testes or balls on each side of the scrotum. They carry the sperm away from the testes. Both vas feed into a single tube, called the urethra. The urethra passes through the prostate, the bladder and then the penis.

After a vasectomy the sperm cannot get past the blockage made by the operation, to mix with the semen which normally carries them from the man’s body to the woman s body when he ejaculates, or ‘comes’. If no sperm enter the woman s body, no egg can be fertilised and the woman cannot become pregnant.

How effective is vasectomy? Vasectomy is very effective. It’s probably one method of contraception for a year, only one or two of their sexual partners would become pregnant.

It takes a while for a vasectomy to become effective. That is because there are sperm already stored on the other side of the blockage and it takes several ejaculations before they are all used up. It is very rare, but it is possible for the tubes to join up again by themselves. If this happens then a pregnancy could occur even many years after the vasectomy operation.


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