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“It is usually just a light movement in my stomach. Light. Like a flutter of a butterfly. But a butterfly is nice, and this is not a nice feeling. Not pain. Not hurting. But disagreeable. Nasty. Worrying. Yes. The worrying part of it is the worst. The tests were all OK. But it is worrying. You can’t get away from that. Then if you feel it, and it’s worrying, you can’t concentrate on what you should be concentrating on. Keep thinking of my stomach.

‘Then sometimes it’s worse. Not just light. But heavier. Stomach turning over. They say your stomach can’t turn over. But I can feel it. Sometimes makes me feel as if I want to be sick. I am sure there is something wrong.

‘When it’s very bad it is really heavy. A weight in my stomach. A weight and I can feel a lump. A heavy lump. There must be a tumour. If you can feel it, for certain it must be there. Cancer does not always show in the tests.”

In stress, the activation of the brain cells may spread out so as to involve groups of cells which control various bodily functions. In this case the autonomic nervous system has become activated. This part of our nervous system regulates the movement of our stomach and bowel. Increased rhythmical contractions of the muscle in the walls of the stomach are felt as a fluttering feeling. If the process becomes further aggravated, ‘here may come about a generalized contraction of muscle in the walls of the stomach. This can be felt as something hard, and gives rise to the feeling of a tumour and possibly cancer.

As in the case of palpitation of the heart, the trouble is made worse by the increased perception of sensation, so that we become aware of movements which would normally not be of sufficient significance to be registered in consciousness.


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