Tuesday, April 7, 2009 | 5:31 am

This poem is followed by little gifts that arrive in the mail, and more flowers—and of course more letters:

“Dear Lady, I wish I could know what you are thinking right now. I wish I could know the passion that lurks inside you, the secret passion that few have known, the passion that yearns for expression. Perhaps this is presumptuous of me, but I do think I know you—know you better than you might imagine anybody could. I know that there’s a lot of love inside you, and that that love has often been misunderstood. I think you need somebody who would truly understand you and give you all the space you need to blossom. I think I could be that person, but I don’t know if you’d trust me enough to give me the chance. I’m not asking for much at first—just friendship, the chance to prove I care. I do know that if you give me the chance, I’d love to love you as you’ve never been loved before—with profound understanding of your every sensitivity. Lately, I have had fantasies of revealing myself to you, but I’m still too shy. So I content myself watching you from afar, and with imaginings of you, picturing your thoughtful, wry smile and your eyes looking at me with your typically pointed gaze. . . . Someday!—Your Mystery Lover.”


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