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Wasp stings

Food: place fresh cucumber slices onto stings. It has a powerful drawing effect drawing out the poison sting and reducing the swelling.

Herbs: apply fresh aloe-vera gel as a poultice.

Kombucha: apply the kombucha tea or vinegar to the sting.


Old skin cells make wrinkles deeper.

Papaya: apply the fleshy side of the skin from a green Papaya. Latex and papaya powder are used to reduce old dead skin cells and to make the skin smoother.

Food: massaging the skin regularly with a mango stone keeps the complexion firm and glowing. Pinenut meal is exceptional for stopping the skin from drying out. Apply a mask of the meal and goats milk to the skin before retiring each night, then remove the mask in the morning with cool water. Equal parts of lemons and oilve oil made into a lotion and massage into the skin.

Kombucha: use a kombucha culture as a sponge to gently massage your skin. Then rinse and splash on a little diluted kombucha tea.


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