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However, there are synthetic forms of progesterone, called progestogens, which can be in pill form. The trouble is that you can’t depend on getting the same results with a substitute as you can with the real thing. If you take progestogen, your body will cut back rather than increase the amount of progesterone it will produce. And remember the object of the exercise is to provide you with more progesterone. However, doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital who treat their patients with progestogen, under the trade name ‘Duphaston’ are pleased with their results. They claim that this drug can relieve many of the symptoms for a majority of their patients. Unfortunately, the picture isn’t entirely rosy. I feel it’s only right to warn you that Duphaston can and does have some unpleasant side effects for some of the women who take it. On the other hand, doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital are encouraged by the success of their trials of this drug, which they say helped seventy per cent of their patients.


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