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Some children feel nauseated when travelling long distances in a car or by boat. This usually begins around 5 years of age and may last a lifetime. Special medication can be used to prevent motion sickness but should be given strictly according to directions. If your child suffers from motion sickness:

• do not let him read while travelling in the car;

• sit with him up the front of a bus;

• open the window while travelling;

• make sure he always travels facing forward;

• do not smoke in the car;

• do not give him a heavy meal before travelling;

• on a boat, have the child keep his eyes on the horizon as much as possible.

In the car

On a long car journey with your children, make sure that you stop frequently to let them stretch and run a little, or to have a drink or a snack. Children hate being cooped up for long periods of time.

Choose your roadside stops carefully, and keep an eye on your children, particularly if there is a lot of traffic around. Take games and toys along with you that are appropriate for children to play in the car. If your child suffers from motion sickness, it is best for him to avoid reading or writing in the car.


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