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From that moment on, Liz was like a woman possessed. She talked to pharmacists and called officials at the FDA. She was determined to get to the truth about this drug and its effects on the fetus. The response from the experts were unanimous. They were shocked and furious to learn that she had been treated with this drug during pregnancy. The warnings are clear. The drug, 17-hydoxy-progesterone caproate, a synthetic progestin, was known to increase your chances of certain birth defects, and should NEVER be used during pregnancy. Never!

“I believe in my heart more than anything that those shots caused my son’s bladder exstrophy.” Then, when she reviewed her medical records from her first pregnancy, she was shocked to discover that she had never been low in progesterone in the first place.

Liz continues to tirelessly research and network with other parents of children with similar defects. She is finding that several cases of children born with this very rare defect have corresponded with the administration of synthetic progesterone. She is determined to make people aware of this gross medical negligence and the real dangers of synthetic progestin treatments for pregnant women.

Her voice, no doubt, will one day be heard. The Discovery Channel has recently contacted the Association for Bladder Exstrophy Children asking these families if they would be a part of a story they will be filming on this defect. Liz has responded with an energetic “yes!”. Meanwhile Liz and her family live each day as it comes. Grateful to have each other.


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