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Monday, April 20, 2009 | 6:05 am

Louisa was about 46 when she began to be troubled by unsightly red blotches on her face. She worked as an assistant in a dress shop and it was important that she looked smart. She found that she was having to wear more and more make-up to cover these blemishes. Before deciding on the best treatment, the doctor asked her about her health generally. It emerged that she had suffered from mild diarrhoea and wind for some years, but had not thought it worth bothering the doctor about these minor problems. She had also been feeling very tired, and had some pain and stiffness in her joints, which she thought was just her age. Checking through her notes, the doctor saw that she had been treated for

vaginal thrush on several occasions. The doctor had no idea what might be causing the red blotches, but he did have a suspicion that the other symptoms might have a common cause. He put Louisa on a diet which excluded all sugar and most starch. She found this very difficult to keep to, as she had a sweet tooth and loved cakes. But she persisted, and after two months her bowels were functioning normally, she felt far more energetic, and her joint pains had vanished. It seemed that the doctors hunch had been right: all these problems had been due to Candida. At about the same time the red blotches on her Louisas face also disappeared which the doctor put down to coincidence.


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